What amounts can I bid? What are the increments of the bid ladder?

The first bid on an item always has to be at least the starting bid amount specified next to the bid field. The starting bid amount will always be 30 EUR / 300 DKK / 25 GBP / 300 SEK or higher.

After that, every bid has to be higher than the leading bid and follow the increments of the so called bid ladder .

Bid increments in EUR or GBP

If the leading bid is… …your bid increase has to be at least
30–99 EUR or GBP 5 EUR or GBP
100–199 10
200–499 20
500–1 999 50
2 000 and above 100

Bid increments in SEK or DKK

If the leading bid is… …your bid increase has to be at least
300–999 SEK or DKK 50 SEK or DKK
1 000–1 999 100
2 000–4 999 200
5 000–19 999 500
20 000 and above 1 000

The bids are not limited to rounded amounts. You can bid 35 EUR or 9001 SEK as long as it matches or exceeds the minimum allowed bid.

The bid ladder determines the minimum allowed amount for your max bid. You must bid at least one increment above the currently leading bid. When our automatic bid agent bids for you (never higher than your max bid) it will also use these increments.

Example: If someone else has placed a bid of 30 EUR, you must bid at least 35 EUR according to the bid ladder. If you place a max bid of 500 EUR, your leading bid will be just that: 35 EUR. If someone else then bids 200 EUR, your leading bid will then become 220 EUR.

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