The Auctionet Guarantee

Auctionet is a safe place to bid online:

  • Only select auction firms make it onto Auctionet.
  • All items are carefully inspected, described and photographed by experts.
  • All lots are double-checked by Auctionet before being published.
  • Our descriptions are guaranteed. You may cancel your purchase if a description is incorrect in an essential way, or if there is a defect that the description or photos do not indicate. (Other than normal wear and tear, since all items are in used condition.)
  • Our bidding software is state-of-the-art and protects your details with SSL encryption technology.
  • Auctionet requires auction houses to follow a high ethical standard. For example, the auction houses do not have access to buyers' max bid amounts.
  • Sellers are not allowed to bid on their own items. We actively monitor the bidding to enforce this.
  • All lots have the same commission rates, and you see the total amount including fees before you confirm your bid.
  • All lots have fixed delivery costs, shown before you bid.
  • Packaging and delivery is handled by specialist partners who know how to handle a painting or a chandelier.
  • We offer expert customer support in English, German and Swedish via phone and email.
  • Buying at auction is guaranteed to be fun and exciting!

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