The Auctionet leadership has many years of experience with both modern online auctions and traditional hammer auctions.

Niklas Söderholm, CEO

Niklas has founded other successful online companies such as the payment platform Dibs (dibs.com) 1997–2003, Payson (payson.se) 2003–2008 as well as Bukowskis Market 2008–2011.

Tom Österman, head of Swedish sales

Tom has a long experience of traditional hammer auctions from Bukowskis Auktioner where he worked since 1982. Tom also worked as senior expert at the well reputed art dealer Åmells Konsthandel.

Veronica Sandman, CFO

Veronica has worked with finance and accounting for over 15 years in both listed companies such as Lundin Mining and private companies. Veronica was the head of finance at Bukowskis for three years before she joined Auctionet.

Albert Ramstedt, CTO

Albert has managed the development of IT systems for more than 13 years, and auction systems for the last 8 years. He was formerly the CTO of Bukowskis and now heads the team developing the advanced business and auction systems driving Auctionet.com.

Mark Westphal, head of marketing

Mark has worked with auction companies for 15 years, including Abtrax 2000–2002, Tradera 2002–2008 and Bukowskis Market 2008–2011.

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