November: Auctionet celebrates its 5th anniversary.

More than 12 000 items live on auctionet.com for the 1st time.

September: First auction house in the United Kingdom.

April: First auction house in Denmark.

More than 10 000 items live on auctionet.com for the 1st time.

February: First transport hub in the United Kingdom, close to London Heathrow.


May: A new auction record on the site, 67 500 EUR, for an 18th century gilded bronze Buddaha statue with illustrious history: it belonged to Finland's famous statesman, The Marshal of Finland, Baron Gustaf Mannerheim.

April: Mr. Benjamin Otto and Axel Johnson AB invest in Auctionet. You can read more about our investors here.


December: Payments by PayPal are introduced.

April: Parcel service launched. The Swedish National Museum acquires its first item from Auctionet.

March: Auctionet.com starts in Germany and Finland. Both traditional, well established auction houses and innovative young ones are integrated into the platform.

January: The iPhone application is launched. A few months after the Android application follows.


April: More than 50.000 members on Auctionet.


September: Auctionet has grown to be the second largest platform in the Nordic countries for quality auctions.


Niklas Söderholm, founder and previous CEO of bukowskismarket.com, founds auctionet.com together with a team of experienced colleagues. Read more about them here.


The most renowned auction house in Sweden, Bukowskis, pioneers the online auction world when they start bukowskismarket.com. From now on, no-one needed to take opening hours or geographical restrictions into account.

From antiquity to 2006

Auctions have always been an important element of local business life, the ancient Greeks loved auctions. In the 17th century, the Dutch used auctions to settle the many bankruptcies that followed the spectacular tulip speculation bubble. During the 18th century traditional hammer auctions for art and antiques was established in England and France.