Crafoord Auktioner kvalitetsauktion våren 2017 - Joyería y gemas en Crafoord Lund

Compra de forma fácil y segura en casas de subastas locales.

Crafoord Auktioner kvalitetsauktion våren 2017

sábado 10 junio 2017 a las 06:00 EDT

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Welcome to the very extensive spring fine art sale at Crafoord Auktioner. We are pleased to present a unique collection of carpets and tapestries from Märta Måås-Fjetterström including "Park blågrön", two similar "Violetta", "Vit Botten", "Fjädern grön", "Malmstens gångmatta" and "Blå heden". The auction includes a large jewellery selection including works by Wiwen Nilsson, Vivianna Bülow-Hübe, Georg Jensen as well as classical jewels. By Wiwen Nilsson there are also many large silver objects such as candlesticks, pitchers, bowls, plates and vases.

The modern design department includes names such as Hans Wegner, Mogens Koch, Carl Malmsten, Bruno Mathsson and Greta Grossmans lamp "Grasshopper" from the 50s. We can also present once again a large collection of french Art Nouveau-glass from Gallé and Daum, including a selection of very rare miniature vases and bowls from Daum.

Within the art department we would especially like to emphasise Gerhard Wihlborg, Hans Hedberg, Gerhard Nordström, Gösta Adrian-Nilsson, Aly Ben Salem, Albin Amelin, Lotte Laserstein and classical art by Carlo Maratta, Sebastian Vrancx(his circle) as well as fine sculputres by Charles Gabriel Sauvage Lemire, a large marble portrait of a roman emperor and Emilio Fiaschis portrait of a lady.

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