A reserve price is a hidden lowest price under which a seller does not allow the item to be sold. This price is always lower than the estimate.

We accept bids below the reserve, but those bids cannot win the auction.

If you are the highest bidder but there is a notice that the reserve has not been met, and the bid amount is colored red, then you will not win the auction when it ends.

If your bid is colored green and there is no such notice, you will win the auction if you have the highest bid when it ends.

If you place a maximum bid at or above the reserve price, your leading bid will be the same amount as the reserve price. If you're the first bidder on an auction with a reserve price of 100 EUR and your maximum bid is 200 EUR, then your leading bid will be 100 EUR. If the auction has no reserve price, then your leading bid will be 30 EUR - which is the lowest possible bid on Auctionet

The reserve price is hidden until it is met. So before the bidding reaches the reserve price amount or higher, you won't know that amount.

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