How does parcel service work?

Auctionet offers parcel service for many items to all EU countries (not Norway or Switzerland).

The item page will indicate if parcel service is available and at what price.

Our experienced shipping partners will pick auctioned items up once a week from each auction house. Then, items are forwarded to our logistics centre where they will carefully be packed and handed over to the parcel service.

Larger items are sent either to your home or to the carrier's local collection point. In Sweden, items are usually sent to DB Schenker's local collection point (in a few cases directly to the final address). In the other EU countries, we use UPS, GLS or DHL.

You will receive a tracking-link via text message and e-mail as soon as we have handed over the parcel to the parcel service.

Transit time from the auction house to you is of 2-3 weeks, depending on the day of collection at the auction house.

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