Kvalitetsauktion Säsongens Utvalda 2019 - Plata y metal en Göteborgs Auktionsverk

Compra de forma fácil y segura en casas de subastas locales.

Kvalitetsauktion Säsongens Utvalda 2019

domingo 8 diciembre 2019 a las 06:00 EST

Welcome to Göteborgs Auktionsverks fine art sale: Selected items of the season 2019. A traditional hammer auction that is now being reintroduced at Göteborgs Auktionsverk. The auction takes place Sunday the 8th of December at 12.00 local time.

If you are a collector of Hans Hedberg sculptures, you will find many beautiful fruit sculptures in the sale. If you prefer Wiwen Nilsson items there are many lovely pieces including two very rare Art Déco pieces in platinum and gold fitted with various gems.

Another gem in the catalogue is the pewter candlestick by Anna Petrus for Herman Bergmans art foundry. The art department will present several Polish modernist paintings from artists such as Stefan Gierowski, Tomasz Tatarczyk and Robert Rumas. Plus three watercolours from one of Swedens most beloved artists, Lars Lerin. You will of course also find several works by the Gothenburg colourists as well as Chinese 18th century porcelain.

You will find many more interesting objects among the 260 lots.

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