You can choose the currency you prefer to see and to bid in.

On our web site, you can change currency at the bottom of the page. On our web site on a phone, you may need to first open a menu. In our apps, you change currency on the "My Pages" tab, under "Profile and settings".

If you place a bid, it will be converted into the auction house's currency.

Example: If you choose to see all amounts in GBP and place a bid on an item from a Swedish auction house, you place the bid in GBP. Your bid will then be automatically converted to SEK.

You always pay invoices in the local currency of the auction house.

The exchange rate is updated regularly, therefore converted amounts may change from day to day. For example, a bid of 100 SEK could be shown as 10 GBP today even though it said 9 GBP yesterday.

As we convert your bid to the auction house's currency, and then convert it from that currency when we display it, there may be a slight difference between the amount you enter and the bid amount that is then displayed. For example, a bid of 10 GBP might be shown as 11 GBP once it has been placed.

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