How do I pay?

Payment card

The simplest way to pay your invoice is by payment card on My pages. Most of our auction houses accept card payments.

You can also pay by card directly at the auction house. Please note! We do not accept cash payment.

We accept debit and credit cards (VISA and MasterCard). American Express or Diners are currently not accepted.

Card details are stored by the relevant payment partner (Nets or PaymentIQ), who follow the strict requirements and safety routines of the internationally recognised PCI DSS certification.


Some of our auction houses accept Klarna payments. It's a safe and easy way of paying online.

Klarna may offer differ payment options depending on things like the country you are in: card payment, bank transfer or paying later.

If you choose to pay later and also order delivery of a purchased item, please note that the payment may be due before delivery. (Klarna may state that you will receive delivery before being obliged to pay, but that is incorrect.)


Some of our auction houses accept PayPal payments. It's a safe and easy way of paying online.

Please note: Payments by PayPal will only be accepted via My pages. We cannnot process manual payments outside My pages or directly via PayPal's website.

PayPal's fees apply.

International wire transfer

You can transfer the amount from your bank using the IBAN and BIC provided on your invoice. Please contact your bank for details and possible fees.

Please note that it usually takes up to 2 days before we can see your payment; please pay within 3 days to ensure the payment arrives in time.


You can also pay from a Swedish bank account through bankgiro. You can find the complete details on the invoice via My pages.

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