Items above certain value limits and in specific categories may be subject to an export license. Countries have different rules and processes regarding export licenses, so it may differ slightly depending on the country in which the selling auction house is located.

It is up to the buyer of the item to investigate and possibly apply for a permit to take items out of the country in question.

In case of uncertainty, it may be a good idea to contact the selling auction house.

If the buyer wants to order a transport through Auctionet, any authorization must be emailed to Auctionet together with the item number before the transport is paid.

To investigate and apply for a permit for the export of items from Sweden, contact the Swedish National Heritage Board, Riksantikvarieämbetet.

For exports from other countries, contact the corresponding authorities in each country.

Costs such as customs warehousing and penalties associated with items not having the correct permit for export will be charged to the buyer.

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