Why do I get outbid immediately?

Any bidder can have a max bid, which is the maximum amount they are willing to bid. Our bidding agent automatically bids the lowest price possible up to the maximum amount.

For example: If bidder A has a max bid of 100 EUR, on an auction where bidding starts at 30 EUR, the bidding agent will automatically place a first bid at 30 EUR only.

If you then bid 40 EUR the bidding agent will automatically bid 50 EUR for bidder A. If you bid 60 EUR, the bidding agent will bid 70 EUR.

If you would bid 110 EUR, the bidding agent will not be allowed to bid higher than 100 EUR and you won´t get outbid any longer.

You will not be able to know what the max bid is for bidder A before you reach his max bid and see that he does not place any more bids.

You may naturally place a higher bid yourself and thus bid higher than others until you reach the given amount.

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