What is a returned delivery?

If you use our parcel service delivery, but don't collect the item, it will be returned to Auctionet.

Before this happens, the parcel provider will attempt to remind you. If the delivery is to your home, they will make three attempts to deliver.

What happens after my parcel is returned?

When the parcel arrives back with us, we'll send you an email to say you can order shipping again.

When you order delivery again, we will invoice you again. Pricing is the same as for any other delivery. As a courtesy, we don't charge for additional costs (return shipping to us, return penalty, repackaging).

The returned package is stored free of charge for 5 working days – after that, a storage fee of 5 EUR incl. VAT/day will be charged.

If you don't collect the item or pay for shipping, the item will be resold by us to cover incurred costs in accordance with Swedish law (1985:982).

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