Licensed firearms require special handling and certain authorisations, therefore the transport is handled by the selling auction house.

Because of the special handling, there may be a delay before the shipment leaves the auction house. Once it has left, it normally takes a few weeks to arrive.

For security reasons, licensed firearms are sent in two separate shipments on different dates and with different tracking numbers.

You must have obtained an approved weapons licence before you can order transport.

Licence weapons can only be sent within the country where it is sold.

If the weapon is to leave the country, you as a customer need to apply for an import permit in the country you want to bring the weapon into - only after the auction house has received the customer's import permit can they apply for an export permit.

The auction houses recommend that international buyers arrange their own shipping, as few transport companies handle licensed firearms out of the country.

Questions regarding license weapons should be directed to the selling auction house.

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