Right of Cancellation

Yes, the right of cancellation applies under EU distance selling legislation (e.g. Swedish "Distansavtalslagen"). Read more in our terms and conditions.

The right to withdraw does not apply for items bought on a hammered sale or if the auction house needs to apply for an export licence.

Hammered Sales

Please note that the customer has no right of cancellation when purchasing Auction Items at an auction where it is possible to be present both on site and remotely hammered sale.

How to Exercise the Right of Withdrawal

Customers who wish to exercise their right of withdrawal shall notify the Auction Company or Auctionet within a withdrawal period that runs for fourteen (14) days from the day the Customer received the purchased Auction item in its own possession or in the possession of an agent or its own hired carrier.

Cancellation and Returns

After a cancelled purchase, the Customer shall return the Auction Item to the auction house at its own expense within fourteen (14) days. The returned item should be shipped directly to the auction house's address, not to any post office box, as we cannot guarantee that the auction house can pick up the item.

Consequences of Not Returning the Auction Item

If the Auction Item has not been returned to the Auctioneer within fourteen (14) days of the Customer notifying the Auctioneer of the exercise of the right of cancellation, the Customer shall be deemed to be still bound by the purchase, whereby no refund will be made to the Customer.

Return Process

Return of Auction Items may not be made against cash on delivery. The Customer bears the risk that the Auction Item is damaged, or lost during the return and is obliged to package and handle the Auction Item in such a way that it is not damaged during transport.

Misuse of Right of Withdrawal

In order to protect our sellers, we reserve the right to block an account from further bidding, if they withdraw several purchases. This doesn't, of course, affect your right to make a consumer complaint where the description has essential errors per our guarantee.

Return Transport

At present, we cannot offer return transport of the right of withdrawal, this must be arranged separately by the buyer directly to the auction house.