What does "current price" mean?

In certain contexts, we use the term of "current price".

The "current price" is the currently highest bid if it is higher than the reserve price. If there are not bids or if the highest bid is below the reserve-price, the estimate for this particular item will be shown.

Let us say that an item has an estimate of 100 EUR and a bid of 50 EUR (being under the reserve-price) - in this case the "current price" will be 100 EUR because the item could not be sold for less than the reserve-price.

If the same item had not had a reserve price, the "current price" would have been shown as 50 EUR since it could be sold at this price.

If the item hand not had any bids, the "current price" would be of 100 EUR which ist the estimate.

The "current price" will continously change as new bids are placed.

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