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All item pages show an estimate. This is a careful estimate made by the auction house - but you may place your bid both higher and lower. For every item, the lowest possible starting-bid will be indicated.

All item pages have a text box where you can indicate your maximum bid. If you want to bid lowest possible, you only need to confirm the suggested lowest bid (by pressing Enter or clicking "Place bid". If you want to place i higher bid than the suggested "next bid", you can enter a higher maximum bid, eg. the highest price you want to pay for the item. After that, we will automatically bid on your behalf as favorably as possible, trying to win the auction at the lowest possible amount, until it reaches your maximum bid.

After having placed your bid you will see a confirmation dialogue where you either confirm (press "Enter") or cancel (press "Esc") your bid.

Note: if you place a bid with less than 1 minute before the end of the auction, the auction will be extended by 3 minutes.

You can also place bids directly in any of our associated auction houses.

If it says that the reserve has not yet been reached, the current highest bid will not be able to win. The reserve is the lowest price the seller accepts to sell for.

You will automatically be notified when over-bidden. You can follow your biddings in "My account".

When you have won an auction, you will receive a mail informing how to pay your invoice, collect your item or order its transportation.

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