Do you have things at home no longer in use? You can sell them through Auctionet and get some funds for new favourites.

With us, you can easily and securely sell your items. Our online auctions reach bidders from all over the world. Many bidders means more bids and often a higher price for your item.

Our auction houses help you sell art, furniture, collectibles and many other things.

It works like this:

It works like this

1. Free valuation

The experts with the auction houses appraise your items free of charge. They are available for home visits or remote valuation via video.

You can choose to have your item appraised online, or bring it to your local auction house for a valuation. Auction houses also offer valuation of whole estates.

2. Pickup & publication

On having decided to sell, you submit the item with your local auction house. Often they can help with pickup.

At the auction house, the item is examined, catalogued, and photographed in order to be published online.

3. Call for bids

As soon as the item is published, bidders from all over the world can place bids.

An auction normally occurs over 10 days.

4. Get your payment

When the item is sold, you will be notified by email.

You get your payment in your bank account automatically within 30 days.

Have your items valued free of charge!

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