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Themed auction: MADE IN SWEDEN

"Vallflickor", Olof Arborelius

Now it is time for our first lifestyle auction of the fall: MADE IN SWEDEN. With this auction we would like to highlight the Swedish tradition of art, design as well as arts and crafts.

We can present approximately 60 lots spanning over many different categories. We are sure everyone will find something they will like.

Made in Sweden is full of famous auction names such as Lisa Larson, Josef Frank, Berndt Friberg, Bruno Mathsson, Stig Lindberg, Alf Svensson and Evert Lundquist. But also slightly less known artists such as Olle Torrestad, Nirvan Richter, Elias Svedberg, Lena Bergström, Heinrich Wollman, Christoffer Bauman and Åke Bergman.

However one of our favorites is the rare large "Domino" nr 3 vase by Stig Lindberg. It stands at an impressive 32 cm in height. From what we have been able to learn an example of this rare large vase has never been sold at auction before.

One of the more unique items is the copper flower pot signed by Carl Hjalmar Norrström 1904 as well as the gold masterpiece by Claës E Giertta dated 1979.

From the more classic antiques you will find a 19th century porphyry butter box as well as four Gustavian chairs signed by Ephraim Ståhl, master chair maker in Stockholm 1794-1829. You will also find modern furniture from example Josef Frank and Bruno Mathsson.

We can also present a rare 1940s longcase clock from the workshop of Hjalmar Jackson, designed by Oscar Nilsson with work done by Ivar Johnsson. Speaking of clock, you will also find a rare wristwatch made for the Swedish market by Lemania. A TG 195 "Tre kronor" from the 1950s.

The auction ends with a favorite, a bronze "Storseglaren" sculpture by Lisa Larson.

We welcome all our customers to this auction!