Sigvard Bernadotte



Sigvard Bernadotte was a Swedish designer, artist, industrial designer and count born at Drottningholms castle in 1907.

Sigvard Bernadotte, 1944.

Photo: Archives of the Swedish Royal Armoury.

His father was king Gustaf VI Adolf and his mother was crown princess Margareta.

He studied art history in Uppsala before applying to Konstfack in Stockholm where he started the Decorative line in 1930. Han studied under professor and artist Olle Hjortzberg who was a big influence for him. Just like his teacher Sigvard Bernadotte made many movie and theatrical posters in the years after his studies.

After some time abroad he became the artistic leader for Georg Jensen Sølvsmedie in Copenhagen. Here he designed many classical items that are still in production to this day.

After the time at Georg Jensen he started his own design studio and designed many items for different companies. Some of his classics includes "Röda Clara" for Nilsjohan, "Margrethe" for Rosti and the pattern "Virrvarr".

Sigvard Bernadotte is today regarded as one of Swedens most famous designers and his items are found in most Swedish homes.

Sigvard Bernadotte passed away in 2002.