Crafoord höstkvalité 2020 - Arte en Crafoord Lund

Compra de forma fácil y segura en casas de subastas locales.

Crafoord höstkvalité 2020

sábado 28 noviembre 2020 a las 06:30 EST (35 - 160)
sábado 28 noviembre 2020 a las 08:30 EST (161 - 390)

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The Crafoord Winter Sale is held at Noon, Saturday, November 28:th,

Due to the corona disease outbreak, only a limited number of bidders will be allowed in the sale-room during the auction.
Please, if possible, place bids online or book a phone-line during the sale.
Should you wish to participate in the sale-room, please note that seats are limited and reservation necessary, apply at

Please note that all objects in the Crafoord Winter sale will be knocked down in Lund, whereas viewing, payment and collection of lots 1 through 34 is made in Stockholm/Täby.

Hands clean, head cool, warm heart!

Yours sincerely

Petri Heinonen, CEO

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