Is a full value-insurance included in the transport price?

Items with mandatory all-risk-insurance

When an item is hammered for 500 EUR or more, a mandatory all-risk-insurance (via our insurance partner Lloyds) will be added if you order transportation.

When the hammer price is lower, the all-risk-insurance is not mandatory but we do recommend it for your security.

If you do not have an all-risk-insurance

As a standard without selecting the all-risk-insurance, your transport will automatically be covered by NSAB2000 which amounts to a coverage of 5 EUR/kg (50 SEK/40DKK).


The cost of the all-risk-insurance is of 2% of the item invoice (the hammer price plus commisions and hammer fees) plus the transport fee, and at least 8 EUR. Read the complete terms for the All Risk insurance.

Compensation in case of damage/loss

Items are covered by the auction house's insurance as long as they are in the auction house. as soon as they are collected by the customer or as soon as the customer has ordered a transport the risk goes over to the customer.

The all-risk-insurance replaces the total amount in case of damage during transport or loss of the item.

To make an insurance claim you must notify the staff at the collection point and document (take a picture) when collecting the item. Items that are collected without notifying the staff at the collection point and documented will not be accepted. Please notify the Auctionet support immediately.

In case of transport damage during parcel service the insurance claim must be made within 24 hours or no later than the next working day of receiving the item. The insurance claim is then made to the Auctionet support

Transportation damages are compensated with the full amount including the buyer's premium and shipping costs minus transport insurance premium. Also, there is a deductible cost of 1% of the amount (minimum of SEK 100). As the insurance company is Swedish the amount is always in SEK.

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