Have a valuation made with your phone!

It is now possible to get a home valuation over video! The Auction Hub in Wiltshire can now valuate the contents of your home by a video call over your smartphone or tablet. Quick, safe and efficient - and free of charge!

This is how it works:

- You make a request to be contacted by an expert in the form below.

- You will agree on a date and a time and which app that is best suitable for you, for example WhatsApp or FaceTime.

- The expert call you up on appointed time, and guide you through the process. You show the items you want valued and keep a dialog with the expert about values, condition etc.

-. You agree on the next step.

- Should you want to sell the items, pick-up can be arranged by the auction house.

- Pick-up can be made from outside your door or by giving the transporter access to your home in a way that feels comfortable for you.

- The items are transported to the auction house where they are catalogued, condition reported and photographed. Then they are ready to be published online at Auctionet.com for auction.

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